Our long-term vision at VCharge is to prepare the grid for a new era of distributed, renewable energy. Doing this means that we have to preserve today’s high reliability that we enjoy in the US while lowering the cost. In Europe, the challenge is to leverage the large renewable fleets and eliminate the growing grid instability in places like Ireland and Germany.


Only ~45 percent of the US ancillary services market is open to non-generation today.
It’s expected that FERC will force the other 55% over the next few years.



At the end of 2011, even after reforms by a number of ISOs, RTOs, and utilities to reduce the number of projects in their queues, there was 219 GW of wind power capacity within the US interconnection queues – almost five times the installed wind power capacity in the United States. This 219 GW represented 45% of all generating capacity within these selected queues at that time, and was 1.5 times as much capacity as the next-largest resource, natural gas. In 2011, 40 GW of gross wind power capacity entered the interconnection queues, compared to 54 GW of natural gas and 25 GW of solar; relatively little nuclear and coal capacity entered these queues in 2011.


We’re preparing for a future where renewables and distributed generation are the norm. And we’re taking practical, concrete steps today to ensure that nothing sacrifies the grid reliability that we need and have come to expect.



George Baker, Founder and CEO

george-tintedGeorge developed the 4.5 MW Fox Islands Wind Power Project, the largest community-owned wind project on the East Coast. He holds a part-time appointment on the Harvard Business School faculty, where he was, until recently, the Herman C. Krannert Professor of Business Administration. Before joining VCharge, George served as Vice President for Community Wind at the Island Institute in Rockland, Maine and spent three years spearheading community wind power projects. He received an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1984, and a PhD in Business Economics from Harvard in 1986, but we don’t hold that against him since he’s as good with a soldering iron as he is with Excel.

Jessica Millar, Founder and Chief Technical Officer

jessica-tintedJessica founded VCharge to create a sustainable future by introducing transactive, market-based demand response and storage. With a PhD from MIT in mathematics, she spent her early career focused on mathematical logic, later moving towards computational complexity. She taught mathematics at Harvard, the University of British Columbia, and Brown. Leaving academics, she ran an incubator commodities trading fund for several years.

Craig Richards, Director of Software Development

craig-tintedCraig spans the hardware and software worlds as he develops our interfaces, device drivers, and embedded systems. His deep experience includes developing multithreaded, multitasking, real-time networking and financial systems for Juniper Networks, Shiva, Boursetech and HH The Dalai Lama (yes, you read that right; even the Dalai Lama needs an IT guy). Craig earned a BSEE degree from MIT.

Bob Chatham, CMO, Head of Business Development

bob-tintedBob has diverse marketing and sales experience, having served most recently as CMO at Andera, a financial services SaaS vendor, and Visual Sciences, a web-analytics provider (acquired by Omniture/Adobe for $394M). He also was an analyst for Forrester Research, authoring over 250 reports. He started his career as a coder at Bolt Beranek and Newman, and sales manager at various Boston-area software companies. Bob earned a Computer Science degree from Colgate University.

Genny Lauck, Director of Operations

genny-tintedGenny is the powerhouse behind VCharge’s day-to-day operations. In her operations role she runs the U.S. network operations center – fielding inbound calls from homeowners, managing installations/maintenance/deployment, and running the first line of defense on both grid and customer facing issues. She also oversees all European operations. On top of that, Genny runs human resources, hardware testing, inventory, and accounting. Genny attended the University of Vermont and worked as the Business Manager at Landworks before joining VCharge.

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